Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday and doing better

Yesterday I did go to work until noon. Then went home sick. Damn! I do actually feel better today. Found out that the surgeon's office will call next week. Its weird I am feeling bloated. Not sure, could be the gallbladder issues or maybe TOM is coming to visit, but I think that would be next week. Or it could be that I have not exercised for a week. I know I was going to start walking Monday, but I think I am going to go to the gym tomorrow. Give it a shot. This bug has knocked me out, but I am doing better today, so tomorrow I should be even better, right? The weather here is changing a bit. The last few days have been very warm and really effing dry. Awful, I think it might have been a Santa Ana, which could be the reason I was so sick. People tend to have their allergies go full throttle on Santa Ana's, the dry heat and dry winds tend to wreck havoc on our sinus's.   But better I am getting, still feeling a lot of fatigue, but that too is getting better. I will be so much happier when I am back to normal.

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Glad you're feeling a little better. Up here in Canada everyone seems to have a cold or the flu right now. Cheers, Rick