Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday and not so sunny

Well, just weighed in for Allan I was down 2 lbs was actually more but Allan, wants us to round it off so I went with the lower weight. Why you ask. Funny thing, I don't think I earned the extra bit. No exercise, lower water intake that I should.  But, I have showered, got dressed and I am going to the gym today. Yeah me! I actually am feeling better. After reviewing my post from the last few days. I was such a whiner. Geez you think I was a dude. (No offense Allan and Rick). But geez, could I have whined anymore? I was feeling down in the dumps, with the pending surgery then getting sick ugh. But that still is no reason to whine. Man, I hope I don't get sick again for  a long while. I might lose the few followers I have. Lord knows I was getting sick of myself.  But this next week I cant wait to kick butt on my diet and exercise.  Of course, karma is a (you know). Now the husband is sick. Oh brother !
Of course, that doesn't stop him from fishing. :o

Hey Brett if you are out there... I miss you and hope things are ok. I haven't seen you post for a while and the last one was really sad. Come back...thinking of you !


Jacqui said...

good for you to get to the gym today! And congrats on the 2 pounds.. maybe the whining burned some extra calories. ;)

Skinny Inside said...

Good job on the 2lbs! Glad you're feeling better--being sick is the pits!