Wednesday, January 12, 2011


OK, last night was my 1st day in this new class, love the people in it. They are all go getter's and really into losing weight. I need to be with people like that versus the other class. Their energy will connect with mine and I would rather have the more positive energy to keep me going. Well, I was surprised I lost 2.5 lbs. Which I am glad for even though I wanted it to be 5 lbs. I met with the doctor, who is a different MD from the one I use to meet with on Wednesday. Both are nice, but this one took the time with me because he saw I was a bit frustrated. He took the time to explain, that since I have increased my exercise (PA is what they call it) that my body will go into a bit of a shock state and hold the water more than usual. Since I was a couch potato for years I  can see his point, and since Allan gave me a kick in the ass with his direct approach to things. I did push the PA, almost doubled it. And the water intake was increased. So I will give my body some time to catch up. I mean really what choice do I have. I am not going to go back to my old ways. This is a life change(please God, let it be a life change). So my mood is better, I still have high hopes to go under 260 this week. I has been sticking to this weight for about 1-2 weeks with it going up and down daily.

If you need a giggle, read yesterdays comments from Brett. She is a kick!. I got a great laugh and I actually think that is when my mood started to change. I know it was an accident, and it was the laugh I needed. Thanks Brett, Luv ya

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