Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday and I am so exhausted

Mentally more than physically. I am having one of those days that I am feeling blue. Yesterday at work was killer exhausting. I am doing the job of three people, while the two are out sick. Plus an argument with my daughter(which is rare) really got me down. I came home last night and had no dinner just went to bed. Gave up, I guess you can say. I still feel really down. Plus the news article about the little Aussie boy who died after telling rescuers to take his little brother first. Broke my heart and it still aches. Damn I am so depressed.  Yesterday I had to work thru lunch so I didnt get my walk which I think would have really helped me mentally. Today come hell or high water (or the 80 degrees its suppose to be) I am going for a walk.

Doing well on the diet, ate my oatmeal for breakfast, cup of coffee and large bottle of water. I really need these 3 days off.

They are opening a Sprinkles near my work. I have heard about them. Its a cupcake place and I guess they are amazing. Hmmm. Sounds really good. Of course, they wont be seeing me. But it is still cool.
Tomorrow hairdresser, to get the grey out of my hair. Then gym, house cleaning, laundry and TV. It will be nice to air out of the house with the weather so nice. I might even make me a gallon of sun tea. Sweet!, No not sweet tea just "Sweet!" oh never mind.

PS made up with my daughter, we both get so upset when we fight, cause it is so rare, it really upsets us.It doesnt matter who is right or who isnt. It just not worth fighting.

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yes.... you need our days off. I hope you get a relaxing and recharging few days. I fight feelings of discouragement all the time, yet I know there are so many things to feel joyful about. I am trying to find a way to not let things bring me down so much. What a journey, eh? It's all good, though. We learn and get better. :)

I hope you have a great weekend!!