Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday and sunny with a chance of rain

Last night went really good. (No winnings tho). The guys wanted to go to the buffet and I say cool, I play slots. The line for the buffet was a fricking joke, crazy long. If fact, it took nearly 3 hrs for them to finally get seated. I couldn't have(would never have) stood in the line that long. So I played a little, came back to check on them. Still in line. So I thought I would walk around the place, which is huge. Hell, I even got lost. But I asked this nice (really cute) security guard to help. He does, and they are still in the fricking line, maybe half way now to go in. So I start walking around again, this time I go out and cross the street to the outlet center. Start walking around, did a little shopping. It was so bloody cold outside. But it is really beautiful. The Indian council has the outlet center looking just amazing and at night they have a lot of events and shows and such. It truly is one of the most beautiful places to shop.  Plus the gym was closed today, so I really needed to walk. I did buy this really awesome veggie peeler. Cant wait to peel some carrots, I think I will roast some for dinner tonight yum.  OK, so I finally go back to the casino and to the buffet. Holy shit they still haven't even got in. They are very close. So I just sit and wait for them( about 20 min more). They finally go in and about 40 minutes later they are done eating and come out to me.  Me and my boy go hit the slots. We finally had a blast. Still not winning, but getting to play a lot for the money. We finally leave about 8:00. We left home to get there about 2:45. The bulk of the time was them waiting in the line for dinner. I get home about 8:30 and I first thing was guzzle a bottle of water, then ate my dinner. I was tired when I hit the bed. Down in weight too, Sweet!

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I agree, ridiculous to waste so much time standing in line. For food. You made the right choice by not going! Glad you had fun!