Thursday, January 13, 2011

The eve of Friday and a

Three day weekend. I want to thank Brett for the lovely award and again reminding me of my Reiki treatment. I can still feel the euphoria my body felt when finished. Honestly, everyone should do it. It is healing your soul and body. Which I sure could use today. Today I had 2 employee's call out sick. I will be putting in a 10 hr day. Which sucks, I get up at 5:10am and will be getting home about 5:30. Traffic is bad here so eeck 5 pm traffic jams.  Its a double coffee day to get started before my first meeting, and before patients start checking in.

You know thats ok, I do actually feel like I can handle the stress. I might treat myself to another Reiki soon.

Did double work out yesterday. Went for my usual walk which lasted 45 minutes, dont think I went farther, I think I was draggin a little. Then met my wonderful daughter at the gym and worked out with her and her roommate. It was a treat. I know boring blog today (TODAY!?!). Still draggin I guess. Take care

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