Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ok, feeling better

 My stomach still aches, but it is what it is. Went to my weightloss class last night and lost 2.5 lbs. Ya, but even better spoke to the MD there and he said if I get another attack before Friday to go to the urgent care or ER while having the attack. I guess the ultrasound picks up the problem while it is inflamed or active. So I will. But today I am back on my feet, gonna take my walk at lunch, didnt do it yesterday nor did I eat. I was kinda skeered lol.  My son is still home sick, but seems a bit better. You know your world turns topsy turvy when your babies, no matter how old or big, are sick. My poor baby. On my way home from class, I stopped off at Jack in the Box to get him a smoothie for his throat.  Normally I would make it myself, but it was late and I was tired. He was so happy. :)  


The Ninja said...

Hubs had his gallbaldder out early last year, and he has felt so much better. He used to have roll around on the floor pain every couple of days. said...

Hope both you and your son get feeling better soon. Nice job on the weight loss, too! Cheers!