Sunday, January 9, 2011


OK, weightloss was 2 lbs (which does equal 45lbs now since 10/13/10). Ya, Im happy that weight is off of me. I was hoping for a better loss. But TOM, is finally starting to leave. So, more is too come. When I weighed in last Wed nite with my weightloss MD,( mind you it is also higher since I weigh in at 5pm) I lost nuthing man, I was pissed. I told him I was going to be down 5 lbs the next time. He wrote down a number on what he I thought I was  goin to lose. Well we will see. Damn tho, I switched my weightloss class to Tues versus Wed for a couple of reason: 1) I could work out on Wed with my daughter (her weekends are Wed & Thurs). 2) This was a new class(classes go for 10-12 weeks ) and the new people in this class weren't as motivated as I was. I was the only one who worked out- and stayed in the plan. When the teacher asked for new goals from everyone, people were like, well I am going to try to work out for 10 min. Some were like, if my husband would stop putting cookies or candie out or what ever the fucking excuse was. You see, I have a different view of my weight issues. I own it. This is my problem. You could put a chocolate cake in front of me, if I eat it (which I wont) I should blame myself not the person who put it there.  So, I felt I really didnt belong in that class, so I switch. It is fun and exciting to be with a group of people who are motivated like myself.  I hope that does make me look bad to you guys. But  my weightloss program an classes are not cheap. I work hard for my money and I want this more than anything else.

So after that long winded post, I guess what I was saying that I still hope to make my 5 lbs weightloss even when it will be one day shorter.  Ok, drank two waters, ate my oatmeal and off to the gym . Good luck to everyone on the challenge, I really hope people lost more than I did this time. But wait til next week Baby!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Congrats on your loss! WOO HOO! Very Nice!!
I think you have every right to switch classes. This is your health and you are doing what's best for you. It would be hard to be around people who constantly have excuses - what they are really saying is that they aren't ready to commit. It's so much easier to be around people who are committed! Rock on!


Jacqui said...

gracie... good for you! It's true.. we have to own our eating. No body forces food on us... we ultimately make the choice. Just last night, I made chicken tenders and dipped them in hot sauce, while hubby had those nasty actual wings. he kept trying to get me to eat a couple, because he couldn't. didn't touch one of them... but if I had, it would have been my bad.. not hubby's. So, you own it, girl! you're doing awesome!