Friday, January 7, 2011


Yes its Friday and as usually one of my employee's has suddenly come down not feeling well and calls in sick. Geez really? Oh hell why am I surprised.  Ok, doing great on the water and exercise. Kind a excited about Sunday. I would be so happy if I lost 2 lbs or more, that would bring me in the 250's.  I know what person in their right mind would be happy to weigh 250's... ah that would be me for right now.  I know TOM is here, ugg I am PMSie. But by then water retention should be gone.

Ok, last night was my Reiki. The lady was really sweet the environment was relaxing.She had explained that I might have all these emotional responses during it or after. She said some people sometimes cry and stuff and not be embarrassed. I said ok. I am not really sure what she expected from me, she asked me how it was and I said it was really relaxing.  She had asked a couple times during the treatment, that she kept clearing her throat and asked if I had a sore throat or if there was something I was holding back and not telling someone. I said no sore throat, and I couldn't think of anything I was not saying to anyone. hmmm. She said twice she lost her balance, and was asking about gait issues with me or out of balance somewhere. I said no, then I kind a felt sorry for her and said well maybe the out of  balance is that I have been working on my body for 3 months and I felt I needed to work on my mind and soul. (I don't know it sounded good, right?). She seemed happy and agreed. She stated that she really didn't feel any negative energy leave me while doing the treatment and that maybe it would take more.(Hell no, that is my negative energy and I earned it.). No seriously,  She said to drink plenty of water as soon as I go home. Of course, I guzzled two bottles right when I got home. Now don't get me wrong. I felt  amazing afterwards. I mean I was so relaxed. I could have gone to sleep. But of course, I had to cook dinner for family, and my own veggie dinner. But it was an experience that I might do again and again... who knows if I can get some extra cash. I would love it.


The Ninja said...

My SIL did some reiki stuff with me when I was in labor with my daughter, it is very relaxing. But since it was the first time I experienced it, and I was pushing a human into the world, I don't think I gt as much out of it as I could have.

Jacqui said...

Ok.. I had to giggle a bit about you trying to come up with something to make her feel better about "getting it right". I would totally do the same thing! (oh, btw, the energy work my hubby did was called IET, integrated energy therapy).

Glad things are going well for you food/water/exercise wise! Very proud of you!