Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OMG coming back to work

Yesterday, first day back to work after 2 wonderful weeks off. By the time I got home my moods wasn't so good anymore. Went to work, tried to catch up on all the work sitting at my desk. Ugh! Went for a brief walk maybe 20 minutes or more on campus, had to get something at the campus book store. Without telling you the campus name, let me just just its a major University and the campus is massive with very few parking spots. Came back to work and drank my water. Left work and my plan was to go to they gym. I mean after all I went everyday while I was off and kick some ass there. Go to the gym and change into work out clothes. Get on the treadmill and realize this is going to be much harder than I anticipated. There is a huge difference going to gym after nice sleep, shower, peaceful morning versus a long ass day at work. But to give myself credit, I did it. I was there almost an hour. Did 1.75 miles on the treadmill at 3.0(which really fast for me). Then worked out on the equipment. By the time I get home, I am a bit cranky. Made myself a large salad which consistent of  romaine lettuce and 1 tble lowfat Italian dressing,(I'm not big on too much dressing at all) and a meal replacement (similar to a lean cuisine). I also put my fake crackers on my salad and pretended they were crouton. Hey, it was actually really good. Then had my fiber bar. Diet zero coke also. Get on the scale this am and I am up 2 lbs. WTF. Ok, not going to worry. Did not cheat at all, drank my water and I am only assuming it is TOM coming for a visit soon. But tomorrow it better be down that's for sure!

I was wondering, has anyone ever heard of Reiki.  I am going to have a Reiki treatment Thursday afternoon. It is sort of a massage but not really. It is for the mind and the soul and such. I know sounds like a Kooky Calif thing. But I swear it isn't  a Calif thang. (like how I left off the Kooky part, lol).  Actually it is a spiritual thing. Well, I am excited and cant wait.


Jacqui said...

way to go for still going to the gym!

My mom is a a Reiki practitioner. My husband also practiced something similar (name escapes me right now) for awhile. I'm not into a lot of the "New Age" stuff... but I do believe there is something to this. I remember when my husband would do treatments for me, I would feel something for sure. Warmth and just a calm feeling.

I hope you enjoy your session!

Brett said...

OMG Grace! Reiki is the most relaxing, spiritual experience massage I have ever had. I actually felt like I was floating off the table. But you have to have a very experienced therapist and you have to go to a relaxed state of mind.

Enjoy it.

mensa said...

Tomorrow is always a better day. Hope things turn around with the scale. I've given you a "Scrap" Award. Check out my blog at www.menewin2009.blogspot.com and pick it up.