Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunny Saturday.

Well my haridresser called me and is sick. Thats ok, I can wait. Went to the seamstress to have two pair of pants taken in. Seems to be a habit now. I am still feeling down in the dumps. I just dont get it. I weighed myself this AM and only seem to be down one pound. I got home very late from work, which then followed up with  a late dinner. I didnt prepare in advance, which would have been nice. But, just have been tired. So I peeled the carrots and cut them up, prepared the Brussel sprouts and cauliflower and I roasted them. They were great, of course, but I finished eating and cleaning up about 8pm. I never eat that late. I did cook enough for today. I went to target, my daughter said I needed a sports bra cause my Ta Ta's have shrunk a bit an the bra is baggy and I could put an orange in it if I ever needed a snack. Well, went to try on sports bra's. Let me tell you those things suck for big Ta Ta ladies like myself. Yes they  have shrunk, but they are still large. I put one on, and it looked like I had a uni- boob. It was awful. Forget about it! (That's for Allan). So, I finished shopping at Target, Son called needed milk. Damn, I was going to the gym straight from the store. I know for a fact had I have gone home, high chance I aint gonna go to gym. Just the way I was feeling.

Ok, drive to the gym, sat in the car for 5 minutes, trying to convince myself to get off my ass and go work out.  Well one problem was it is nearly 85 degrees here. I couldn't leave the milk in the car for the hour, it would have got hot.  So, I put the gallon of milk in my work out bag, and forced my self to go work my fat ass off. So, off I went, milk in hand, (Cause it is cooler in the locker than the car) and worked my ass off. Yeah me, but I am glad I did it.It was about a 1 hr work out and the milk was just fine and cold.

I came home and ate my lunch, left over veggies, one bottle of water, protein shake. The I made a big pitcher of Iced tea. Yummmmmmmmm...       Now laundry and housework. :(

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