Thursday, January 6, 2011

Results-No surprise

Ok, went to my weight loss center and weighed in. Let me first tell you that of course, before I weigh in I went to the ladies room to tinkle. And surprise....I found out why I wasn't going to lose weight. Hi Tom.

Ok, so I didn't lose, nor gain. By the time Allan's weigh in comes, I have my fingers crossed that I will show a weightloss. I was a little angry, mostly  PMSie. But I had a good night sleep and thought to myself "I did everything right and man I kicked ass on the exercise so it has to come down". I do feel better realizing this. In fact, I have even increase with walking 30+ minutes at work, then going to the gym. Truthfully it is exciting to see how much I have improved. I remember last summer, I climbed a small set of stairs and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn't breathe. I hate to say this, but I am serious. I was scared. Now, I am doing the walk at lunch, which mind you I started out at only 10 minutes. Now 30 minutes is no problem, except needing once in awhile to find a potty, since I always have to pee. (Yes, I do go before I leave, lol). And at the gym I am at 1 and 3/4 miles each day. I am aiming for two miles each day. When I get there OMG. Plus I work out on the weights cause I have fat ugly saggy arms.( Ya the truth does hurt).  I have heard some people say that someday they are aiming to do  a 5K.   (Maybe I will too)

Tonight is my first ever Reiki treatment. I am so excited and truthfully I really need it.  I have only told my blogging friends and of course my daughter(who is my BFF).

Update: I just pulled an Allan......(poopy explosion). I think I just lost 10lbs. I know TMI


Brett said...

You must tell me how your Reiki goes. Deep breaths. Go to your happy place :-)

gracies tough journey said...

OMG I sure will, I am truly excited for this. My soul and mind need it.