Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

Today is so much better, McDonalds was opened and I got my coffee. Dont get me wrong, I could get coffee at work. I work at a major hospital. But, their coffee isn't my cup of tea.(Haha, sometimes I kill me).
But cramps are better and someone told me, when TOM is here and you are retaining tons of water, causing bad cramps. Drink more water. (I know sounds wrong, right?) But it really helped(along with the narcotic for pain).  Oh ya, forgot to mention, in the am I was fretting about "how could I go for my 30 minute walk with these frickin cramps, well, by lunch time they were much better. I went for my 30 minute walk and felt awesome when I was done! (Yeah me)

Today is the start for Allans Phase 3 http://almostgastricbypass.blogspot.com/ weight loss challenge and I am ready!. Brought everything I need to work and tons of water (and crystal light). I think this is what I need to kick it up. I am down approx 30 lbs since I started 8 weeks ago on my own diet, I have 4 weeks left to this stage of the diet and I want to drop another 10 lbs (at least) before it ends at the end of the year.Of course, then I start Phase I ongoing. So it doesn't end there. And Allans Phase 3 will get me thru to the end of the year. Its nice dieting with others. No one I know is on a diet. So this gives me some company. I am going to keep up the 30 minute walks at lunch and work outs at home. I will do anything to lose weight and the packet Allan sent has some great ideas in it. (thanks Allan!).

Good luck to all of the others on Phase 3, lets kick ass on this! Good luck to everyone else too. Its a struggle no matter what plan you do to lose weight.  Gracie

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