Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weigh in night

It will be interesting to see if what I have been doing for the DDD helps tonight. There is a big difference when I weigh in the AM versus the PM.(Darn it). Also, my scale versus their scale is slightly different. But, I pretty much have always been doing a 1200 calorie with HMR, high fluid(water being the bulk) intake. So perhaps that is why I continue to lose weight week after week. I am hoping to weigh at least what I weighed on Sunday AM. (Ok not really, I want to weigh less.)

Also, I think Mom to the Fourth Power is right . I will bring something to add to my makeshift salad.  If I don't, temptation will be knocking (and lets face it, I am only a very weak human). So, thank you Mom for the advice. I don't want to ruin everything I have been doing it especially when the food probably wont be that good anyway. I mean if I cheat,(which I dont) its going to be with my own cooking thank you very much. :)  Also Mom, thanks for the logo I took from your website I love it. Gracie

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