Thursday, December 16, 2010


OK, so I didn't lose much at all, less than 2 lbs.  I was so discouraged.   I have really amped it up with walking and treadmill and such. I wake up every AM stiff from the day befores exercise. Drinking water like its going out of style. So man, I was bummed. I almost gave up. Last night I came home pretty down. I ate my dinner, steamed cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and a bit a cabbage. (Ok, I love veggies).  had my Coke Zero. Felt better. I was thinking, WTF I might as well eat at the restaurant for the party.   Well, lo and behold, this AM I get up to shower and I weigh myself, as I do everyday. And son of a bitch... my weight was 5lbs down from the evening before. In fact ,the lowest I had seen in such a long time.  I stepped on it again, cause for some reason my scale will vary if it gets moved 1 inch here or there. But no, it was the same low weight. YIPEEEEEEEE

I am so glad I didn't give up. (And in reality I wasn't going to) I was just pissing and moaning. But I feel so much better. In fact I was in line in the McDonald Drive in this AM to get my coffee(which I do everyday) and I get up to pay, and the girls says to me, the man in front of you paid for your coffee for you. I just stared at her, because I couldn't believe it and she just smiled. I waved to the man as a thank you. Oh what a beautiful day it is indeed.(Minus the rain).

Kisses to Allan for the push I needed. I am going to take in to consideration of the PM weight being higher due to all the walking drinking and such and not let it get me down.(Ya sure)

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Gertie said...

Gracie.. great job on the weight loss.. and not giving up!! We're going to do this! And that is so cool that the guy ahead of you paid for you coffee. :)