Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday and raining

Gotta love So Cal's weather. It is as crazy as we are. Well today is weigh in and as of this AM I weighed another 3 lbs down. Of course as of 5 pm tonight who the fuck knows what my weight is. Waagh.  I so want to lose weight. I have been pushing the fluids, eating what I am suppose to eat and exercising my ass off (which is a good thing if you have ever seen my ass). Yesterday I went 1.60 miles on the tread mill at 2.7 . I know that may or may not be fast enough, but for my fat ass. Its a blooming miracle. Then I work out on the weights. LOL I wake up in the morning all stiff and crap from my work outs. I was thinking "is it ever going to get easier". The it came to me why it isn't. Because at each workout I push myself to do better than the last one. (Ya, I am a blonde).   Well, I will let you know how I did tonight. Take care.

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