Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday and chance of rain

Ok, so my thoughts of sleeping in were demolished yesterday. Darling daughter needed a babysitter for her roommates little boy. I said I have a hair appointment which I did. She begs son, he's your typical 17 year boy, he says "a heck no".  Usually my daughter will help her roommate out and watch the little guy, except  both of them got asked to work and they both need the money. So they were desperate. Ok, so my mommy genes kicked in, I got up at 6:30 went to her place picked him up brought him back home, had husband watch him til 10:30 when he left for work. (my hair appointment was at 9:30). So they son watches him til I get back at 12:30. Now I have him. He is a great little boy, but I get up at 5:10 M-F for work so I wanted to sleep. Oh well shit happens dont it.

Oh well more later.

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Allan said...

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