Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday results

Very pleased I lost 4 lbs. Like I said, I have two different weigh in's. So I hope it continues to Wednesday night. One thing I am especially pleased with , since I started the challenge I have increased my water and exercise. I have been walking everyday at work. Today at the gym and I went 35 minutes on the treadmill without stopping. I was jazzed. That is a huge increase for me.  Weather here is really incredible it is 85 degrees and warmer some areas. So tons of ice tea. Hopefully my luck will continue and the Chargers will win . (one can only hope).

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Gertie said...

Gracie.. way to go on the loss! For some reason your posts aren't updating on my reader, so I've just caught up with the last few posts. You are doing great! Oh my.. 85 degrees.. it's close to 0 here.. big difference! LOL

I awarded you the Cherry on Top award! Check out my latest post.. and congrats!