Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday and loving it

I am so glad it is Friday, why you ask? Well hell if I know, it just seems better than Monday. I plan on going to gym each day this weekend. Which I WILL do, damn it. No more lame excuses from me. I don't care that it is only 70 degrees outside. (just kidding). Also, it is so much easier to chug down the water on weekends, no having to worry if someone thinks I have a bladder problem when I am always using the bathroom at work.

Last night I steamed some brussels sprouts and cauliflower and then cut up a lot of fresh radishes to nibble on.(some of my favorite veggies) On my steamed veggies I put Molly McButter . And I thought it was awesome! I have never used that before but I am glad I bought it. I also got Mrs. Dash. That works too. I  am glad I cooked enough for tonight too.Sweeeeet! 

I have been invited to join Mr. Allen's weight loss challenge and you know what this is perfect. I am very competitive and this will give the boost I need to step up the weight loss. I think I was kind of just doing my thing and not really pushing myself. This may sound weird but I am not happy with the 2.5 lbs lost during the week. Truthfully I don't cheat (not counting Thanksgiving, but really even then I was incredible sensible with what I ate.) But with that being said, just because I don't cheat doesn't mean I couldn't do better. I can, I can increase my walking time, and my at home free weight exercises. I mean really, when I do these I am still watching TV. So there's no excuse for not doing more. And the biggest thing of all is drinking water. Yeah, I am doing the amount the say, but why not increase it.  I really believe I can increase my weight loss if I pushed myself harder. It is all up to me. NO MORE LAZINESS.

One thing about my new friend Allen, he is brutally honest.(Besides being so damn sarcastic, I laugh sometimes so hard  I might pee, when reading his blog). I must say probably one of the best blogs out there for weightloss. Not because he is a physician or anything like that. But he tells it like it is. There is no magic diet, no magic pill. But that we have it in us to achieve our weight loss with the rules that we all really know in our hearts. We all can achieve weight loss if we just do it. I know that is putting it mildly. But weight loss is not easy and never has been. It takes hard work and to be honest with yourself. I admit, I have given up a lot on this diet. But I need to lose this weight, I did this to myself, so now I have only myself to fix it. So I really want to thank Allen for putting it out there. I took a look at myself and realized what he said is true. I can do better.

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