Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its raining men hallelujah

I wish... Nope just raining like crazy. I know, everyone has it so much worse. I agree, but we usually dont get much rain. I am still home on vacation, so I dont have to drive in it too much, just to the gym and thats only about 20 minutes.  Might have to starting draining the pool it is about to over flow.

Been really good on the diet, and just pushing the fluid. I am kinda excited for tomorrows weigh in. I think it should be an improvement. I hope.  Geez it is sooo pouring rain outside gosh o' mighty.

Monday, while I was at the gym, I was on the treadmill and I saw a bunch of cute kids dressed in their karate clothes, their class is  in the back of the gym. There was this one little girl with a tray of goodies that she must have got in class. She is standing next to this woman, who I recognized and I call out her name and she comes over. This woman is in my weight loss class. And we start talking, she ask how often I come her, told her I actually had a membership for years. (I hang my head in shame). But just started using faithfully since I joined the weightloss program. She said she use to have one but cancelled it and just takes kids to class here. She said she should sign back up. Of course I am thinking, ya you should since it is part of the requirments of the weightloss program we are in.
Now dont get me wrong, I like this lady, she is a teacher and really nice. But this weightloss program is not cheap by any means, and if you are going to pay for the special program which includes lab, MD visits and buying their shakes and other stuff. You need to give it all you can to get your moneys worth. I hate wasting money.

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