Monday, December 13, 2010

OMG Thank you

Gertie from has given me a award. I want to thank you all, and my parents for which none of this would have happened and my children. Thank you Thank you. (Ya I am pathetic).
But seriously, it means so much. I really appreciate Gertie who has always be a positive influence. She really has been a great blog friend. Always sends me sweet notes and makes me feel good. 

This weekend was great and warm (sorry Gertie).  We might get a chance of rain by Friday, if that helps?

If I knew how to pass this award forward( Computer illiterate=me) I would pass it too Wendy She is stumbling a bit right now and could use some encouragement. She is so sweet.  Thank you again Gertie for everything!


The Ninja said...

Hey lady, I came across your blog via allan's and thought I would stop by. Congrats on the loss this week, mine was just a pound. I'm so jealous of your sunny weather it 7 degrees in missouri this morning.

Gertie said...

You are so welcome for the award! :) You deserve it.. and I look forward to your posts! Sorry I'm a bit behind.. but for some reason your posts don't update on my blogroll... guess I just need to check in everyday, eh? BTW.. how did your Christmas party go today?