Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

OK, I am a little nervous, for the first time I wasn't faithful to my diet for the entire week. I did have some turkey and stuffing (not a lot) and cheese and crackers( maybe a little to much). I am having a bit of water retention to you know, female issues(TOM). Unfortunately at my age this is a bitch cause  it can last 2 weeks of issues. But I have been pretty darn good beside that. I am down 27lbs in 7 weeks. This is suppose to be week 8, I want to loose 3 lbs( really is that to much to ask?) to make it 30lbs. Now at home, when I weigh in the AM before my shower, I am down nearly 35lbs, but the weigh in is at 5pm. BIG difference in weight. OK, send me positive thoughts (if anyone reads this blog?).  I have increased my lunch walk from 20 to 25 to 30 minutes. So at least I am proud of that. And the frickin strange thing is, I love walking.(Who knew).

I am not sure if I ever mentioned what the diet is that I am on. (I sure the hell aint gonna re-read my own boring ass blog). But it is HMR, which includes 4-5 shakes a day, option being a oatmeal type cereal (actually very good) and then meal replacement dinners and yummy bars. They have last week or so allowed now certain veggies, actually its lot of different ones. All of them I love. Big help with adding veggies. I really am not having any trouble sticking to this diet. Sometimes it is hard to get all the shakes in, so I have started making double shakes. So even when the 12 week initial program is done, I will continue until I loose 100lbs. (my real goal is 150 lbs but if I look at that I panic).

The blogs I follow really help me, I mean, they dont even have a clue what a inspiration of just being there helps me and I am sure others too. So to all the bloggers a BIG THANK YOU! You guys are awesome.(Geez can you tell I am hormonal)

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