Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So strange we have had weather in the 80's to 90's. Now starting tomorrow rain thru the weekend. Silly mother nature. Well, still doing very well on diet and fluid consumption. I do have a little issue, Thursday afternoon is my office party being held at Sammy's pizza. I noticed they had salads, but I would need to bring my own dressing. But even the salads have things that I shouldnt have on it. I was thinking of just having a diet soda( even tho I only like coke zero) and no meal. We usually have so much fun at these things that maybe nobody would notice? Or maybe bring some raw veggies, but I think that might be more noticeable than not having anything. Well I still have a couple of days to plan. Any suggestions?

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I would def. bring your own food. Keep it simple like some fresh veggies... you can add them to the salad they have there or bring your own fresh salad / dressing / & lean meat (if you want). You will be the one trying to eat better than giving into unhealthy choices and it is important that you eat. If you sat there w/ just a soda, you might feel deprived and like for some reason you're not "worthy" of eating... or at least I might feel that way. But it's just the opposite, you ARE worthy of better food, and if that place doesn't have it for you, then by all means bring it yourself. And then focus on your co-workers and socializing and having fun (not the food).

That's my 2 cents... hope it's helpful. Good luck and have fun!!