Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday and I am so happy

OK, first off yesterdays weight loss wasn't a fluke,(Yeah!) I weighed this AM and I am down 0.10 lb. lol Well, at least it didn't go back up. Yesterdays Christmas party at Sammy's Woodfire pizza went great. I brought my own coke zero. I ordered a Greek salad without dressing and olives. It basically was Romaine, spinach, Japanese cucumbers and couple slices of red onion (as in 2 only) and some feta cheese (which I tried to avoid) and tomatoes. I though it was really good. And you know what, I didn't even need salad dressing. It was fresh tasting and good. I guess you dont realize how good things are in their natural state when you are so use to having gobbs of dressing covering it. (I too was surprised) I ate half. So it goes to show ya, it can be done with a little planning. I do wonder about the feta cheese though, I hope it wasnt too high in calories, it was very little and I would skip around it.

On some neat news. I will be off for two weeks on vacation from work.(Will try to post pic while off)  Ya baby, give me some sleep! I will have to hit the gym versus the walk at lunch. But the good news, my DD and her roommate joined the gym and now we can go together. SWEEEEET. Everyone have a very safe Weekends.

Oh Ya GO CHARGERS. (native SD Charger fan). :)

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Maria said...

Congrats! I find it so hard to order a salad when everyone else I'm eating with has burgers and other calorie-ridden meals!