Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday

I'm kinda nervous, I wanted to double last weeks weight loss, but I dont think I will. Of course, I never know til I weigh in tonight at 5pm. Never fear, I'm not giving up on trying to double weight loss. I know with Allan's requirements of drinking tons of water it will start to show up. TOM is still here, but I dont feel real bloated. 

It was well worth joining Allan's phase 3, even just for his crazy ass emails. That man is crazy. 

Yesterdays something funny happened. I had to pee (of course all this frickin water I'm drinking) and start to pull my pants down, right and I realized that my pants were the button and zipper kind. I guess, it was time to get a smaller size eh?

Today is going to be near the 80's today. I love that, time for some iced tea, yum!  Well, I guess I will let you know what results are tomorrows. I am keeping track of two different results, one for Allan,which weight is emailed in from Sunday weigh in, and my diet program which is tonight. Allan's will be a bit less, since its in AM and the other is at PM after all day of water and food.

Keep Drinking!

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