Thursday, December 23, 2010

The eve of "The Eve"

OK, still flying high from last night weight loss. Went to Costco this AM got there right when it opened and it was great not too many people at all. Then went to the gym and worked out. Right now I am drinking my protein shake. Yummy. 

Wow, we had some crazy ass weather here. The most rain within 20 years. Just past my daughters house (about 7 doors down) there is this massive sink hole. The people on the north side are trapped. This is a dead end cul de sac street. What a bitch that is, especially at Christmas. They cannot leave in their cars to go any where. I would say there is about 20 homes trapped. The crew are working nonstop to try to fix part of the road so that at least people can come and go.  Today the weather is much better, we should see rain again until Sunday. Which is great as there is a NCAA bowl game here tonight. The stadium was flooded, but they worked all night and today on it to get it fixed. I cant wait to watch it.

Ok, I need some help here. I plan on going off my diet on Christmas. Now before you tell on me to Allan, I still want to stay under 1200 calories. I am just going off the shakes for the day. I am cooking a standing rib roast(Yum) and roasting and steaming a bunch of fresh veggies. I also will cook other things that everyone else will eat, you know, yams, potato's, gravy biscuits and on... Just like Thanksgiving, where I ate a bit o turkey and stuffing(1/2 cup) and roasted veggies. I still lost 2 lbs that week. I wont partake in dessert :(. But, I am wondering  about the rib roast. Maybe 3 oz? not sure, I bet it is high in calories. But, any other suggestions would be helpful plus positive thoughts my way. :)

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