Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Well tomorrow is weigh in for Allan, reading his guess on how much we should lose. I think he will be spot on for me. Today has been very sunny here and that has helped with the fluid. I love Iced tea it is my absolute drink off choice and I've been a drinking it like crazy. Sticking to the diet. It was  a little hard today, not sure why, probably just mind over matter. So what I did was eat my dinner(yummy veggies) for lunch. And now I feel much better. Cant wait for tomorrow. Good luck to all the lovely people on this challenge. Reading their blogs you get to know them and wow these are really wonderful people. I am glad I joined and everyone has been so supportive. I am new to this really only starting the diet mid-Oct. But I have been so blessed with the people on these blogs who give support to everyone.

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