Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunny Tuesday

Saturday was nice, Sunday rain(WTH?) Monday very warm. Today seems really nice too. I am at work, but dont think I am going too stay long. I have a icky tummy. This has happened a couple of times since my surgery. Nothing major, just using the bathroom a lot and just feeling icky. Hate to waste my sick leave for this. Still trying to build it back up after my surgery. It takes forEVER!.  This weekend went well, except for a couple of cookies I ate for my birthday. Lemonade cookies. OMG they were yummy. But I really watched it the rest of the weekend. 

I am still unable to post comments. Man, what a bummer too. Well, I will post more when I am feeling better.

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MissMommie said...

Allan told me how to fix that, the comments thing. You need to install Google Chrome and blog through it. I couldn't even comment on my own blog!!! Use Chrome instead of explorer to open up a window and then you can comment on blogs. Weird, I know, it must be a google/blogger thing. Allan did say the google owns blogger.

I hope you feel better soon!!