Thursday, May 26, 2011

The scale is back to being my friend

She is no longer being a biotch to me. I lost 3 lbs at the weigh- in last night. Yippppeee. This morning I stepped on the scale and it showed 238.9. Not a lot of difference from yesterday but it went down. I am so happy. I never dreamed this would happen. It has given me the incentive that I needed. I was really starting to get discouraged. I had increased my walking and my fluids, decreased my calories and nothing was moving. I was doing everything right. Now I think I will start seeing the rewards. I am so relieved.  It should be warm today so I will be drinking a lot of Iced Tea.(Yummmmmy).

Yesterday I had to leave work early as my boy, who has asthma, has been complaining about not being able to take a deep breathe. I also noticed he had a cough. So I took him to see the NP (who happens to be my weightloss NP, small world eh?). She was running late ugh. But, I like her so much that I didnt complain. She stated that my boy had bronchitis and his ears were inflamed. Not surprised, we are having terrible allergies due to the weather and the constant wind blowing pollen every where. We do take clariten D every day. So he was given a steroid inhaler, Z-pak and refill on his rescue inhaler.  He will have a long weekend to rest. My poor (18 year old )baby .

I cant wait til TOM gets here. Once that is over I really can see a big movement in the scale. Does anyone else feel the TOM is just a BIG pain in the butt. LOL

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