Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a nice sunny day.

Well, the GREAT news is today when I stepped  on the scale, it showed 239.1....AAAAgh. The bummer is that I should see TOM today or very soon. I am not going to be worried though. I have really increased the exercises and fluid intake. Also, I have been getting more sleep. Things seem to be moving again. Yahooo.

Tonight is weigh in at the clinic. I don't expect to see 239.1. But I sure do expect to see a loss.  I would like to go see some movies this weekend. Hangover II and Pirates. I think both will be fun. Taking both the kids. Also, I noticed that our pool is getting much warmer. Maybe, it will be a swimming weekend.  Oh my gosh.

On to the summer
Weight Loss Summer Challenge

I was thinking of my goals. Of course the bulk will be weight loss issues. But, I was thinking of personal issues also. Like as I mentioned in a different post, Not to judge and I also want to go to church more. Maybe get a pedicure. Another Reiki treatment, things like that....  Oh there are so many things........

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