Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Omg, I went to the dentist yesterday to have my broken tooth fixed. It still hurts. Yikes. It didnt hurt that much broken. I am always in more pain days after the DDS appointment than before I ever go. I hate going to the dentist. I do love the laughing gas though.  We have been having a doozy of heat lately. It was so warm yesterday near triple digits.  Today's walk should be interesting. Monday was also so warm and after I came back from my walk, my face was so red.  Today I brought a change of shirts, so I have a cooler little t-shirt for my walk. Things are going good on diet, but loss is still really slow. Tonight I weigh in, we will see what it states. Have a wonderful day.

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The Ninja said...


I just noticed you have commented on several of my recipes. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry your tooth hurts. Nothing sucks like tooth pain, it never really fades away. Feel Better, and enjoy your walk.