Thursday, May 12, 2011

I forgot to mention

In my new class, which is new for me since I switched days. There are a few people that have lost all their weight and are moving on to what they call Phase 2, it is actually a maintenance type classes. Yeah for them. Also, there is this one guy, seems very funny, he has lost 90 lbs since December 2010. WOW, and he says actually lost another 13 lbs the week before he started the classes. He was so anxious to start that he went ahead and started the week before it officially started. So that is over 100lbs since December 2010. WOW again.

One character in our class is this older gentleman, he also is very funny. He was so happy that as of yesterday he was approved for the surgery, he still has 130 lbs to lose. You need to be on this program for 6 months before insurance will allow the gastric by-pass. He was so happy, and I dont know why but I felt so sad for him.(Of course I didnt say that to him). Why did I and still do, feel so sad that he is going to have surgery. Especially when he is so happy. He said something that also really bothers me, he said to someone else he was talking to that at least now he doesnt have to worry about the weight coming back. Oh sheesh that is troubling me.

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