Thursday, May 12, 2011

Well its a small loss

I lost 2.5 lbs. I know I should be happy and I am. But I have been in the 240's for sometime now and was really hoping to move down a notch. I have 3lbs to be in the 230's. I am still aiming for this week-end to be there. We will see. I am not as frustrated as I was. I really do understand that plateau's do happen and this is my first one in 60 lbs so I need to keep reminding myself that.   I have upped the exercise at night and I actually like it. But it hurts my muscles, lol. It is only a 3 lb weight that I put on my leg and do leg exercises. Ouchie it really does hurt doing them, but in a good way. Ok, maybe I am a sick puppy but I do enjoy it. :).

I need to build muscles soon as my office and my MD's are moving to a new temporary office (Until our new one is built). I know it seems to make no sense but that is how hospitals roll. The word is we are to move before the end of this month, yet we have not had a meeting on this. So nothing like waiting till the last minute. My MD's aren't to happy either. This order is coming from the upper Administration of the hospital. Without giving too much away. We are a academic medical center so it is run but suits. My big concern is that the docs are going on vacation in mid-June. So, they better hurry. I sure the heck dont want to pack up my bosses office also. Ugh! Well God Bless everyone and have a wonderful day.

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