Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nice warm Saturday.

Stepped on scale, it is still down, it is a good sign. I am trying  to be in the 230's by next week. I have not broke the 240 mark yet and have been trying for several weeks. Last night was fun, my daughter who has played softball all her life and even in college. Now plays adult softball. She had a game at 9:00 last night. My son and I try to go watch her as often as possible. The fields are awesome and she is fun to watch and just be with her. Both my son and I look forward to Friday nights. They won which is always fun too.

Today before the gym I went to Kohls. I bought some pants, size 18 and also got two pairs of 16. I cant quite fit in the 16's. Still a little tight. But it gives me some incentive to keep going. It is crazy that I am even wearing an 18. I started in October 2010 in size 24 and even then it was tough to always find ones that fit. I am so happy, these are some positive steps. It keeps me going. It is truly amazing to me. Well, again have a very Happy Mothers day everyone. God Bless


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

WOO HOO for size 18's!!! You'll be in 16's before you know it!! You are doing so awesome. Happy Mother's Day!!!


oh_mg said...

Smaller clothes are the BEST! Awesome NSV. :) Happy Mother's Day!