Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new day and its a warmish one

Warmish? Is that a word? I don't know but it fits just fine. Tonight at my weight loss clinic I am switching to a new program. (Thank you God, it will be a lot less money). They will be adding fruit. Yippeee, I will be able to have better smoothies. Yum. But besides that, I don't usually eat much fruit. I'm a veggie kind of gal. This will be a huge money saving plan. Since I have lost a lot of weight I was able to switch over. I will still be on the basic diet but I will get to buy as much as I need versus the required amount which is always more that I use up. So I should be able to go 2-3 weeks without having to buy any more shakes. Also, I am eating oatmeal for breakfast and I have a bunch of that. It is actually really yummy(well it is ok and it keeps me full). I am trying to limit my lean cuisines as they really have more carbs and sodium than I need.(Now I am not an expert, this is just my opinion). So, I am eating more salads and roasted veggies. I am hoping for a loss in weight. Fingers crossed.

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MissMommie said...

You've probably said this, but what kind of diet are you doing? Just curious, nosy, same thing!