Monday, May 16, 2011

Judge not

This was the topic of yesterdays sermon and for some reason this has really hit me. I fear I am one of those people that judge without knowing. I cant seem to get that statement out of my mind. I need to write it down at my desk and look at it often. I need to be reminded not to judge. 

After church I went straight to the gym. They have a new instructor who was so wonderful. I never felt so welcomed as I did. There was only about 5 people working out so he did have time to introduce himself to everyone. Usually the instructors just walk around or are invisible. It was nice to be greeted by someone who seemed happy to see  you. All in all Sunday was a great day. I even got to take a nap. Sweeeeet.

I didnt make my goal to get below 230. Still about 1 .5 lbs to go. I would think it would have been gone by now, but no such luck. It sure seems to be stuck in this area for a while. I really need to look closely at myself to see what I am doing wrong.  My body feels like TOM is near, but he shouldn't be for another 1-2 weeks. But we women know that feeling. It must be my age, it is so messed up.  Well its gonna be a long Monday. Started work at 7:00am, my admin is off today. I have a meeting at 4:00pm   ugh long day. Two coffee's please!

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Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Judging is so easy to do... I try to work on that too. Since I have been judged harshly before and been really hurt by it, I get on myself when I feel those negative thoughts of others creep in because I want to show the Lord that I've learned my lesson! I think we'll all have to work on that thought discipline! I love being around people who are positive and upbeat because it really helps me to be that way since it doesn't come naturally for me (maybe it doesn't come naturally for anyone!)

Take care Gracie!