Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday and an early Happy Mothers day.

Things are going well, the scale shows a weight loss. Of course we will see on Wednesday night what it shows. Dang I wish weigh in was first thing in the AM and nekked. But, I guess that wont work for the weight loss clinic.  I keep moving along, even if the weight loss slows down what am I going to do quit? Heck no, my next goal is 70lbs down then 80lbs and so on. This should be a nice and peaceful weekend. Especially since I am broke, lol. But Sunday the plan is Church in the AM, then to Dog beach with my kids and my grandkids(the dogs). It will be much cooler than it has been this week. Go figure?! 

Happy Mothers day to all of you and especially my mom, whom I miss so much. I will be thinking of you on Sunday, as I do everyday. Love you mom.

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MissMommie said...

Have a Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you wonderful day with your babies!! Congrats on the lose!