Monday, May 23, 2011

Still thinking of my goals

I cant wait to start the new summer slim down with the gang. It will be what we all need. It will build up new friendships and positive support. I am taking this very serious and hope to have tons of fun.  When Debbie has signed everyone up. I am going to grab all their websites and start following them. Really, this is going to be so much fun.  :)

Yesterday, I was watching reruns of True Blood. (I know I'm a dork).  I had just finished working out. While watching TV,  I decided to start flossing my teeth. I had carrots sticks and they kind of got stuck in my teeth. Ewwww. Well, not paying much attention except to True Blood and popped my crown off with the dental floss. Just friggin great. Now, I have still a sore mouth from the dental work I had a little while again. Now, I am missing a tooth. I saved the crown, except my DDS is at a conference and wont be back until 6/13. Aagh. So I am going to see his partner next Friday 6/3/11. He is also at the conference but, my DDS is staying longer for a vacation. Well, maybe now with this sore mouth, I wont eat as much and start to loose weight again eh?

Weight Loss Summer Challenge

Weight Loss Summer Challenge

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