Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yippe for me

I went for my walk yesterday at work in my new Brooks and then changed into my work shoes. It worked, my heel is really feeling better. Not perfect, but I still can do my 40 minute walk. It was great. This is my last week at work until I return from surgery. So I will either do a walk here and there, maybe the lake walk. But most likely I will just go to the gym everyday.

I went to my weigh in and lost 4 lbs. Sweet, that makes up for the 2 lbs I gained and then two more. Sweet. I feel pretty proud that I worked thru my pain and sorrow without blowing my diet (except the night Brandy died) but I exercised all week. I never do less than 6 days  a week and goal is 7 days a week.

I hope I am not in to much pain after surgery. I am glad that it is required to walk after surgery to avoid blood clots. It forces me to do it. I was laughing to my kids, I told them no matter what, I am going to exercise and walk even if pain is bad. I will just take narcotics. I told them watch me get a DUI on the treadmill. I laughed. My kids didnt. Why dont kids ever think their parents are funny? LOL.


Bethanny said...

Congrats!! That is so awesome!!

Brentus said...

Big congrats on your weight loss!! SUPER!!
I think true humor ripens with age.. so our kids will get it.... later on! Way to be persistent girl!!