Friday, February 18, 2011

What a dork I am

Ok, this weight loss and especially exercising is new to me, I really only started on 10/13/10. Well, my heel feels like I have bruised it. It started Wednesday night, it was tender when I got home from work. But Thursday it felt like it was ok. So I went and did my 40 minute walk. I admit I walk fast and far and probably really heavy pounding because of my weight. Well last night, I couldn't walk on that foot. This AM its sore as could be.

I did some googling and realize I did all the things wrong that I possible could have. First, I was walking in old shoes, 2) I was wearing those shoes all day. Apparently, walking shoes only have a few months life span, maybe 6. Less, if you are wearing all day. I need to buy a new pair and ONLY wear them for walking. So that means, bring them and change into them to walk. At my work, (hospital) most of us do wear walking shoes to work since we are walking all day to do our job.

Has anyone had good luck with walking shoes, ie brand and such? It sure would be nice for some suggestions.

We are suppose to get a rain storm this weekend, so I will be at the gym. I think I will hit the stationary bike instead of the treadmill.(To be safe). I will get some new shoes this weekend also.

Enjoy your three day weekend and be safe and true to yourself and your diet. :)


Kalena said...

I've worn New Balance brand for the past, oh lord I don't even know how long now, since middle school perhaps... I'm 22 now lol they seem to hold up well considering the load I'm putting on them.

Jacqui said...

Gracie... go to a running store and they will help you find what you need. They will watch you walk, see how your feet hit the ground, and check for size. I did that, and they only had two pair that addressed my issues and that were my size (thank you Dad for the very wide feet). One pair didn't work, and I wasn't crazy about the other pair.

But based on their suggestions, I went to a sports store, was able to tell them what I needed and I got New Balance. I LOVE them!

My mom, who is an exercise freak.. seriously.. at least 4 hours a day, biking, gym, walking.. anyway, she only buys New Balance as well.

I think it's worth it to get a professional opinion, and to spend a bit on the shoes. It's worth it for your feet. :)

Maria said...

Is the pain worse in the morning? Does it lessen as you walk on it some? You may have plantar fasciitis. You can read about it here: I've had trouble with it for about 20 years, on and off! You have to learn to do some foot stretches, and roll your foot on a frozen bottle to help.

That other stuff you mentioned is right on target, though I hate buying walking shoes so often!

Maria said...

Oh yah, I wear New Balance Running Shoes, they're light weight and have great padding.

Laryssa said...

Maria is right. Stretching the tendon on the heel will prevent that pain. Something as simple as putting a heavy weight on the tip of your foot (with shoes on, of course) and flexing the foot will ease the pain from plantar fasciitis.

I don't have any recommendations for walking shoes (because of knee & foot issues I've always used Nike Air) but Jacqui is right: if you go to a good running shoe store, they will be able to give you suggestions that will help. But I'm glad you asked for suggestions because I may have to look into the New Balance. :)