Wednesday, February 2, 2011

51 lbs gone

OMG, I have officially lost 51 lbs at my night time weigh in. Ya, I have lost more when I weigh in at home in the AM. But at night wahoooooooo. I know its silly but its a big thing, I got my picture taken again. When looking at the picture well, unfortunately, I didnt notice a hell of a lot of change. But, like I told the RN, its the fat woman in my head. She is still there.  But I am so jazzed.   Unofficially I have lost 53 lbs. yeah me!

I did hear from the surgeon, I have been waiting for the call for week and a half. So when my private line rang at work at 12:30 I assumed it was my son who calls me at that time every day. I answer the phone, hey babe. Shit...why didnt I look at the number. The lady was really nice and laughed. I was embarrassed because it could have been work related. Geez what a dork. Oh well, my appointment is scheduled for Friday 18th. But she said the MD might open a clinic on Monday and I will be put in then. Which is fine with me. Now mind you most people would be like WTF???? But I work for a MD and have been put in the same position, are you or are you not opening a clinic on Monday. I have been there and done that. God you have to love busy doctors. I was cool with either appointment. With the delay, I have been getting nervous about the surgery again. I try to not think about it.

On another news. I am worried about Allan he has been getting a lot of crap lately from naysayers and normally he can defend himself just fine. But something happened and he needs to know we are supporting him. Now I know he can be blunt, but sometimes that is what we need. But he has done some amazing weight loss and still going strong. Give him a holla and say hey to him.

*****Surgeon called and my appointment has been switched to Monday at 8:30 aaaaagh. No, I'm ok.aaaaaagh, No really, I'm ok.


Jacqui said...

doing a happy dance for you! curtains closed.. of course! You are doing an amazing job, Gracie... You inspire me. :)

Glad the surgery is coming up soon. I agree that the longer you have to wait, the worse your brain thinks. Don't worry.. it will be fine. said...

Awesome job Gracie! It must feel great to get to the 51 lb mark. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Rick

Lisa said...

congrats on your loss!
Sorry I can't support you on the Allen thing. He has been so hateful and cruel towards so many people, (past blunt honesty) and I decided long ago not to read his blog anymore. I don't wish anything ill towards him and do hope he is ok.