Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jeepers Creepers

I lost my post from yesterday.

Things seem to moving forward. All set for March surgery. Yesterday I went for my normal lunch walk, and OMG it was freezing. It had to be 60 degrees. WTF. I had to wear a sweater. Today should be warmer, we are suppose to have another Santa Ana. So the wind will blow crazy. I did take my clariten(as I sit here and sneeze). Last night I didnt lose anything. But, I am happy. I have been eating like crazy. Now mind you its not like I'm eating pizza, burritos or anything yummy bad. I just ate nonstop. All diet food except for a piece of bread and butter. Damn I have PMS. Thank God exercise is now a daily event. But I do feel like that I wasted all that work out for food. I admit, I do have PMS and nerves from the pending consult. But, I stepped on the scale this AM and I am down. So, I just have to drink more water when I get hungry. I talked to my dietitian last night, just for moral support. It is so not like me to blow the diet. I felt like I was losing control. But she reminded me that, I have gall stones and have had two attacks then the pending surgery. Then I was sick for a week and now PMS. I just need to relax, not to panic because she knows that I will bounce back. You know that really helped me realize I was over-analyzing this and I will be ok.

*****Oh I forgot to mention. My goal is to lose 10 more lbs before surgery. So, if I stumble, feel free to kick me in the ass to get me back on board. It is for my health and well being. I might get pissy but it will be for my own good. So lay it on me folks.


Bethanny said...

NOOOOOOOO. I took the dog out last night and got snow up my pant leg and it was about five degrees. 60 would be a cake walk, I could wear capris.

gracies tough journey said...

LOL Bethanny... Ya I am a wuss. I admit it. I mean 60 degrees for me is ugg boots and sweats. LOL

Jacqui said...

I would LOVE to have 60 degrees to walk in right now! I just did it in 30 degrees.. and probably about 15-20 with wind chill!

You can get back on track, girl! You are strong and determined.. and you WILL lose that extra 10 pounds before surgery!