Friday, February 4, 2011

Its gonna be warm

I am relieved it is Friday. I am so tired. Last night was a chilly night so I let my dog sleep in my room. Big mistake. Now mind you my dogs sleep in our covered patio with their crates (which are carpeted and have soft blankets.) They also have the big dog beds to sleep on and they love them. Well, my dog, Dakota, she snores like no body's business. It is crazy loud. She usually will want out also, to pee or just because she is a lab and our house gets too warm for her. Even tho I dont sleep with the heater. Labs, seem to run warm, at least that is the excuse they give me on why they are always in my swimming pool. LOL. So, I let her out about 2 am. Go back to sleep and ooohh man it felt good to get back into the bed. Warm and now quiet.  Well, 20 minutes later, she wants back in. (what a bitch). So I let her in, but make her sleep on her bed near the front door. I know she wasn't happy, but I needed my sleep damn it. I will make it up to her today. Geez, the guilt. Its like I have another kid, I swear she is spoiled. My male labs have no problem sleeping outside. They are very rambunctious, but they are sweet and lovable. Sometimes the one male likes his bed a little too much. I have to tell him "that is not what we do to our bed young man." What a horn dog.

Things going very well on diet. I have walked every day this week at lunch. 30-40 minutes. Yesterday I get to work and realize I forgot my water. I couldn't believe it. I mean water goes everywhere with me. I ended up having to buy some at the cafeteria.  Damn I hate spending 1.50 for a bottle of water. Ugh

Well this weekend I will be hitting the gym. On Sunday, the gym should be pretty quite. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Superbowl should be fun to watch. I not a fan of either team. So I am not rooting for either of them.  Yes, I am jealous my team isnt there what can I say. Thats the kinda gal I am.


The Ninja said...

I'm totally going to the gym all weekend, I joined a new one this week and they have tons of classes, I need Zumba and yoga liek I need air and water these days.

Amanda said...

Hehe, my dog is spoiled rotten and sleeps with us at night...of course he's a chihuahua mutt, and doesn't snore, I can't imagine having a lab in the bed! O.o

Jealous, I haven't been outside to exercise since...well a week now I guess! said...

Good job on the walking at lunch - that adds up to make a big difference. Cheers, Rick

Bethanny said...

Thank you for stopping by and also for the kind words!
My dogs are spoiled too and have to be in my room at night. :)