Saturday, February 19, 2011

New shoes for momma

OK, I took every ones advice and went to place near us, about a 30 minute drive to Roadrunner. Its this huge store(I have never been in there before and to be honest, I never thought I would). The guy that helped me Opie, (Ya right, who would name their boy Opie). Oh well, he certainly didn't look like an Opie. (Continue please) He asked me what I was looking for and I explained. Well, he had me take off my socks and shoes and walk to and away. He picked out two pair, one was made by Brooks, and the other was Saucony. I tried on Brooks and instantly new this was the shoe. It was wide in the heel and a narrow front. Which is just like my feet. I have really narrow feet. Husband has always called them ski's. I know, really sweet right? (Shit head). I didn't even try on the second pair, I couldn't believe the fit on the Brooks. Absolutely perfect.  I also go two new sports bra's. I mean I have big TaTa's and I didnt think they would fit. But they have a complete department there and the women, measure and help you. It was awesome. So I bought two. I also bought some socks that will help absorb the sweat and keep your feet fresh feeling. It was the best advice people, I can not thank you enough.

My son came with me, so afterwards we went to place around the corner from Roadrunner called Market 99. It is a huge Asian Market. We have been there before.  First we went to the Market and I got some, ginger root and snowpeas. My son got this fruit(really strange looking) but he said he had heard of it before and has always wanted to try it. I think its called Dragon fruit or ?. I got it for him.They have this amazing food court. So we waited in line, and I was gonna get him  some lunch and husband some dinner since he is at work til late. They also service fried squid. OMG to die for, love it. So my son, said are you going to eat and I said, I dont think so. He is like really, and I was like really wishy washy and went ahead and got an extra plate for me. It was nearly 1:00 and all I had so far was water. We get home, and I took a bite of the squid, oh it was so good. I stopped and said WTF is wrong with me. Why cant I get over this. I packed up my plate and put it in the fridge. I pulled out a salad. I almost always have a salad pre-made up for me. (I like salads, usually the romaine is separate and in another bowl I have diced up a little red onion, zucchini and baby bell peppers) And I made me salad. I made me my shake and grabbed a bottle of water. My son comes into the fridge and said wow you are really not going to eat it. And I said no, I just can't, I cant do it.

I just spent 240.00 bucks at Roadrunner for the new shoes, new bras and new socks. Why, because I want to continue on my way to thinner and healthier me. Within 5 minutes of that purchase I am thinking of blowing it on Asian food. When will I ever learn. I mean I didnt eat the food, but I bought it. Why? Only for the grace of God and his and my willpower did I not eat it. My fat ways will never go away. It really has me thinking today.

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It's great that you got shoes that quickly and easily! Very nice. Glad you had a nice outing. Cheers, Rick

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice on the shoes! I need a new pair myself.

The salad will look better on you than the squid. :-)