Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow it is getting hot in here the blogging world

Yesterdays walk was a bit warm. But I noticed that my normal 40 minute walk was starting to take only 30 minutes. I know it is getting easier. So I added another lap around a parking lot that is near  where I walk. I noticed too that is was sloped. So I started at the bottom and walked up. I started walking this new route because it has some little hill areas. Walking up always seems to add more umph to it. So I added the extra yesterday with the extra hill. It added that extra 10 minutes and by God I felt it this morning. I get out of bed and I am walking like a zombie with stiff legs. Thank God husband was asleep or he would think I have a stick up my bootie.Ya thats the kinda guy he is.(Sensitive...NOT) LOL.

Another great thing, I am allowed oatmeal (of course it's HMR's brand) but I found a recipe to make cookies with it. Its makes about 4 big flat cookies per oatmeal pack. But hey, it wasn't bad and with my coffee in the AM, it was kinda cool. Ya, I am only fooling myself, they aren't REAL cookies. But, hey it was cool. I'm always looking for recipe's with my meal replacements from HMR. That's how I found my crackers. Those, too me, are awesome, They are made with HMR chicken soup packets. I would usually add a bit of Tampico(Like Tabasco but a bit milder). But spices aren't really good for me right now(gallstones) so last time I added curry powder. Score!. Of course, in my old days of eating what I wanted... I loved curry anything. With those crackers I can make a small plate size flat cracker, similar to tortilla size. I would then add my HMR Turkey chili and diced lettuce and I had a mock tostada. Or I make a big plain salad, add my turkey chili and crumble up my crackers and a bit of salsa(which is allowed) and I had a mock taco salad.

Hey what ever floats my boat, right?!

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The Ninja said...

I get stiff like that after my wednesday workout, it usually kicks my butt and this week I had to skip it, so stiff will happen tomorrow after making up the workout tonight. But tomorrow I am running. Liek for real, running for 3 miles, I need to see if I can do it.