Friday, February 25, 2011

My last Friday at work for a while

I have to admit, I am really really nervous. I need to just relax. Yesterday, I was so stressed I had to leave early for my walk at lunch to calm down. After the 40 minutes, I felt better. Today is suppose to rain and again not get to 60 degrees. Tomorrow is suppose to be crazy weather. As I mentioned snow near me, I mean I have never been in a placed and had it snow on me. My son and I are like so jazzed to see it snow. I think the weather people are exaggerating. But, I am sure it will pour with rain. They state is will be about 46 degrees at the highest. That is crazy for here. 

Diet wise things are going good. I am at 251. So I lost only 5 lbs instead of my hope of 10 before surgery. Really bummed. My goal is to be in the low 240's by the time I get back to my weightloss program. It seems like I cant get past 251. Really pissing me off. I have upped the fluid intake. I am really hoping that I am not in a lot of pain after the surgery. I dont handle pain well at all. I have to go to the gym daily and I want to walk the 3 mile lake path while I am off recovering. I am not worried about how long it takes me to walk it, I just want to do it.  Well, I am getting my coat out and dusting it off for this weekend. Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. Oh and by the way GO Aztecs( Basketball).


Jacqui said...

enjoy your weekend, gracie.. and I hope you get some snow! :)

Bethanny said...

Hope u have a relaxing weekend! Oh yeah, 5 pounds is awesome! You probably gained some muscle!!

Bethanny said...

Sometimes when I stare at my dogs, I pray that reincarnation is not real. They have seen to much! however, if reincarnation is real, then my male doggy used to be a perv when he was a human. He stares at me naked, busts through the bathroom door whenever possible, and steals my undies! He is GROSS!!