Saturday, February 5, 2011

Comic Con or bust

Last year I went to comic con with my DD and DS. Well after the first day, I thought OMG this is so not for me. Crowded was an understatement and all the walking and lines. Geez, Well here comes day 2, my son states, no more for me thanks. But my daughter loved it, so I went everyday with her. She was thrilled and loved. So she wants to go again this year. I told ok, but I really need to lose weight for this shit. It was to hard for my obese ass. Ok, so I start to lose weight. Then comes the tickets sells, two times I spent hrs trying to get tickets and both times the system crashed. So here comes today another try at selling tickets. Starts at 9am. By 9.01 system overloaded. But, I kept trying for my little girls(23y.o) She was at work and texting me, how is it going. I am like this so sucks. But I dont give up. By 10:30 I text her that we are going. She was so happy. My nerves are spent. Ugh. Well lets hope I lose another 50lbs before July. The good thing is, we live where it is held, so we dont have to get hotel. We just take the trolley there. Piece of cake. WOW, I think I am going to crash, I am spent.

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