Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another sunny and windy day

Boy, the wind here is kickin it big time. Its like 50 mph. Ugh. Its really sunny and could be warm if that damn wind would stop. The wind is frickin cold. During yesterdays walk, I first started out in the shade and man oh man was it so cold. I was having second thoughts if I could do it. But the minute I walked in the sun. It was yummy. So I trudge on. I have been walking every day about 40 minutes at lunch. This works great cause I get a 1 hr lunch. I have time to freshen up, drink some water, tinkle and all set. I made a great salad for dinner tonight. Can't wait to chow down on it. Saw the puppy last night, OMG so sweet. Kiss kiss... Man who doesn't love that puppy smell. So sweet as can be.

I was thinking about joining Allans challenge, but with this surgery pending I decided against it. I wouldn't be sure if I could follow his diet plan. I still stick with the 1200 and exercise is a must diet. Still downing the water. But, I do have to drink my shakes. And there are some things that I am not allowed on my diet. Fruits and meats are not allowed yet. I can have my meal replacements and veggies and my crackers I make. But I will be rooting everyone one on. Cause I believe in his plan. I also know that working together and being accountable to someone, other than ones self, helps dieting and it seems to deter cheating.

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Amanda said...

The challenge is definitely a crazy ride, isn't it?? Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw, and congrats on losing 53 lbs so far, that's awesome! :D