Monday, February 14, 2011

OMG what a wonderful weekend

I dont think I could have asked for better weather. Warm, slight breeze 80's. I did raise my treadmill to level 1. I'm walking thinking this is a breeze. About the 1.50 marker, I swear I was walking on Mt Kilimanjaro. Sheehs I was trudging along. I finished it at 1.75 about 40 minutes at 3.0 including the slow down phase. I have found if I do the slowdown phase after my normal walk, I haven't had leg cramps. Well, I am pretty happy. I think I will do next weekend that same and then the following weekend raise it to 1.5 ( I know I am a wild woman). Of course, that should be just about right before my surgery. Which by the way, got moved a head a day. So now it;s on Tuesday and Monday will be the pre-op.

After church on Sunday, and Gym and I stopped off at my daughters house and picked up her two babies (Labradors). She was working late and didn't want to leave the pup in the back in case of coyotes. I went ahead and brought both since the pup has certainly grown attached to her Yellow lab Mira. Actually I also thought he would feel more comfortable with her there when he met my pack.  Of course within 10 minutes of him exploring the backyard which is pretty large. He got silly and started to run around and well, I guess he has never seen a pool before. He went just a running full blast and I swear he flew right into the pool. Of course, at first I yelled oh no. But he popped right up and swam to me and I grabbed him out. He was no worse for the wear.  I sent my DD a text and said well, Deacoy is doing well here and by the way he now knows how to swim. LOL. Of course, we all can assume that wasn't his only episode in the pool. My black lab Boomer, was having a good ole time taking laps since it was warm. Deacoy probably went into the pool about 5 more times. Most times, he would be bumped in. Remember I do have a pack. With her two and my three. Sheesh.


The Ninja said...

I'm glad your weekend went well, mine was lovely also, busy but wonderful.
I'm praying that your surgery will go well, Do you feel the good vibes from Missouri?

Maria said...

Great job on the walking! When I'm well, I usually manage 3 miles - going around 3.0/hr on the treadmill. Sometimes I feel like I'm going too slow, but I remember when I first started and couldn't stay on for longer than about 15 minutes at a much slower pace!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about being sick, it really made me feel better!