Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rain again and maybe snow WTF

Ok, we are suppose to get another storm, of course to us our storms are your showers. LOL. But, we might even get some snow in the lower levels. Our mountains are full of snow and are stunning to look at. But it means it will get chilly as all get out. I am about to go for my lunch walk (40min) and am a bit nervous cause it is really cold. It hasn't even hit 60 degrees. OMG, I know I am a wuss, I accept that. But cmon that is cold.  Diet going very well. I read an article that said drinking cold water is better than room temp. Somehow the cold is suppose to increase your metabolism. I dont know maybe thats true, maybe it isnt. But when it is cold, I drink room temp water. When summer hits and we get our triple digits, I will drink cold that is for sure. Not now tho.

I must confess my nerves are getting shot, I am getting really getting skeered about Tuesday. Well I might have more to say later. But that's it for now.

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Bethanny said...

I am so over the white stuff.........